Unsolicited Dubious Medals and Distinctions

Unsolicited Dubious Medals and Distinctions 

Dubious Distinctions

The International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge UK and the American Biographical Institution (ABI) Raleigh, North Carolina create high sounding awards and offers them to persons nominated by them. ABI claims that "inclusion in an ABI reference title is based on personal achievement alone and is not available for purchase".  Nominations are confirmed and the award sent when payments are made of around US$300 (in 2010) for a commemorative Medal or award certificate. I did not pay and hence did not get the certificates.

ABI 2010 GoldMedal smallIBC JRL Achievement smallIBC JRL Man smallIBC JRL Woman small

Some of the unsolicited nominations and offers I have received have been listed below to illustrate the dubious nature of these awards, including receiving an International Man of the Year and an International Woman of the Year within a few days of each other (I hope you have a good laugh, I did).

  • Nomination for the 2010 Gold Medal for Sri Lanka from ABI, USA by signed letter dated 21 May 2010
  • Nomination for American Medal of Honor - Limited Striking - 2002 from ABI, USA by signed letter dated 6 September 2002
  • Nomination for the International Woman of the Year from IBC, Cambridge, UK by signed letter dated 24 February 1997
  • Nomination for the International Man of the Year from IBC, Cambridge, UK by signed letter dated 14 February 1997
  • Offer of the 20th Century Award of Achievement from IBC, Cambridge, UK by signed letter dated 3 January 1997
  • Inclusion in the Men of Achievement - 17th Edition from IBC, Cambridge, UK by letter dated 21 September 1995